Monthly Archives: April 2018

The power of narratives and perceptions

A statistic that may shock you. More than 17 Million South Africans are on Social Grants! This is 33% of the country. Wow. And only 15.5M South Africans have a job. Now, I have not seen the South African President at any time in the past 24 years since democracy go anywhere in the world to disparage his country and say his people are lazy. Think deeply about this for a moment. Rather, the South African government is looking at ways to improve education and bring more people out of poverty. You might also not know that South Africa builds small houses for its poor citizens. Any deep thinker knows the effect of apartheid on black South Africans. What is important is how to get out of that problem and raise a generation of prosperous and well-educated South Africans.

That Power Distance Issue

I prefer utilizing systems thinking in solving problems. Those who know me very well would have heard this concept from me many times. It just works in every situation – personal, business or society. I have attended Universities in Nigeria and South Africa. The level