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The time is here!

I am proudly Nigerian! I have been a member of the Nigerian diaspora community since 2008. I left Nigeria in the way and manner that brings glory to a country. My services were required by a South African company and I served as a Consultant

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Tributes to my grandmother

[This is a tribute to my late grandmother. I am celebrating her life because she matters] The people who shaped our destinies are all around us. The simple encouragement, push and tough love that we encountered growing up are big determinants of who we turned

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In Pursuit of a Prosperous Future for Africa

The myriad of natural resources has been more of a curse to most African countries rather than the blessing it should normally bring. I am particularly afraid for the generations that are coming especially when we remember that Africa’s population could rise to about 2

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That 2015 might be better

The importance of technology in development can never be over-emphasized. The difference between developed and under-developed nations is evident in the way they have deployed and used technology (in most cases ICT) to solve problems.

RIP Football: Death of the Beautiful Game

This article has been on my head since the World Cup finished in the rainbow nation about 6 months ago. I just had a feeling that football would never be the same again. The beautiful game saw so many upsets, scandals and scary occurrences that

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Re-writing History – A call to join the 300

A lot of people tend to have a distorted view of the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. While Madiba was a big player in the journey towards emancipation from the evil apartheid system; the truth remains that the struggle took an effective turn with

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Have You Eaten?

I am not asking that question because I want to feed you. The question actually brings back a flood of memories. Sweet and sour ones from my University days in Great Ife. Sweet, because the man who owns that nickname is a legend. A different

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The Monkeyfication of The Nigerian People

There is no set of people in the World that has been monkeyfied like Nigerians. Students of the English World are amazed, I am sure, about my use of such a word non-existent in any dictionary of the Queen’s tongue. But if a word like

No Thumbnail is here!

The greatest showmanship in the World is here. History has been made! Africa has arrived. The word is KENAKO, and yes the spirit of Ubuntu is already showing itself in EGOLI, the land of gold. Mzansi is hosting the biggest event in the World, the