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The Opposite of Love is not Hate

“The opposite of love is not hate, it is fear” – John Legend I finally watched Inferno, a 2016 movie staring Tom Hanks. The plot is dope. I love history and the play on Dante’s Hell and other historical facts/works of art just made it

More Business Lessons From Mauritius

I learned many business lessons from a tourism visit to Mauritius. I already shared one that had to do with urgency and how the government of Mauritius and Rwanda take the first place in Africa when it comes to the will do do good and

Analyzing Jeff Immelt Under Examination Condition

In June 2014, I did my Leadership Integrated Examination at the University of Stellenbosch. It was the final assessment in the leadership module of the MBA. The module took us more than 2 years to complete. This last assessment was an analysis (under exam conditions)

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Tributes to my grandmother

[This is a tribute to my late grandmother. I am celebrating her life because she matters] The people who shaped our destinies are all around us. The simple encouragement, push and tough love that we encountered growing up are big determinants of who we turned

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In Pursuit of a Prosperous Future for Africa

The myriad of natural resources has been more of a curse to most African countries rather than the blessing it should normally bring. I am particularly afraid for the generations that are coming especially when we remember that Africa’s population could rise to about 2

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Big Brother, Idols, hmmmmm

Going from the title of this post; I am sure you would think it is another bashing for Big Brother and other reality TV shows. But I am about to shock you because contrary to what you might think; there is really a good lesson

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Why Men Must Not Cheat!

The past few weeks were filled with some passionate writings on Nigeria. I guess that is a topic I can never run from as I am a Nigerian – a total one. Today, I am not writing about politics, governance or leadership but about a

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IN MY OWN WORDS BY ‘GBENGA SESAN: A Review by Chude Jideonwo

Like most autobiographical work, ‘Gbenga Sesan begins his third book from the beginning – becoming chairman of his university’s Electronic Club in final year, and getting the opportunity through that to contact the revered ‘father of the Internet’, Philip Emeagwali. The book’s format is simple:

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45 Great Lessons From a 90 Year Old

I am mostly skeptical about chain emails; but if I don’t share this one, then I am not doing my friends good. Please go through the 45 lessons and there will be a point or two that will hit you hard. Written By Regina Brett,

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What Defines You?

It is a 3 worded question, but mostly answered inaccurately. Who are you? This innocently looking question is one of the hardest to get through not because of its complexity but as a result of our stereotype of not understanding the right way to present

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The Power Of Sacrifice

From the beginning of the World, every wonderful thing that has happened is based on one important principle that we don’t like to practice – sacrifice. The biblical account of creation lends credence to this fact when the Omnipotent God himself worked for six straight