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African Mobile Industry Trends and Forces

The mobile communication industry in Africa can be rightly described as a great enabler of the shift in the African story to the positive. Countries such as Nigeria had no solid Telecommunication service before the introduction of GSM in 2001. The story is similar in

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Mobile Number Portability in Nigeria: A Note For the NCC

The burden of regulation is not a trivial one. It is a very hard job being an umpire especially for a very important industry. Such is the work cut out for the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). The commission is responsible for arguably the most impressive

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That 2015 might be better

The importance of technology in development can never be over-emphasized. The difference between developed and under-developed nations is evident in the way they have deployed and used technology (in most cases ICT) to solve problems.

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Big Brother, Idols, hmmmmm

Going from the title of this post; I am sure you would think it is another bashing for Big Brother and other reality TV shows. But I am about to shock you because contrary to what you might think; there is really a good lesson

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Advertfarm Launches Public Beta

For Immediate Release: April 6 2009 Advertfarm, a mobile content network, has emerged today from private beta. This start-up is privately funded and based in Lagos, Nigeria. Advertfarm, as a stand-alone company, focuses on delivering mobile contents to users across Africa through Short Message Services