I smell the Marshal’s Anthem

Happy new year folks and wishing you many great things for this new year. I have not posted on this blog for a long time, more than a month now. The common reason is always time but I hope to improve on it. Many interesting episodes have passed since I last wrote and I feel bad not writing about them. From Alams impeachment, to the very unfortunate Sosoliso plane crash and many other political trickeries set up by the animal called man. I am sorry to be as blunt as this and note that many progressive young men are disgusted by the sheer insensitivity of our president, the man who is supposed to be the conscience of the nation and the number 1 upholder of our sacred constitution.
I have seen so many of the president’s blunders but yesterday marked a turning point in the history of political mediocrity of our dear nation. Believe me, I am not against the impeachment of any governor in this country because most, if not all of them have soiled hands but I am against unconstitutional and criminal methods of carrying out political persecution. What happened in Oyo State yesterday is a fatal rape on democracy and if not corrected will lead us into a very bad precedence.
Ladoja’s fate was sealed months before his impeachment due to his loyalty to Atiku and I know that if he was loyal to Obasanjo and still don’t bulge to Adedibu; The man in Aso Rock would have silenced Alaafin Molete (Adedibu). Or how can we explain the interview granted by Alli mongo (PDP Chairman), a man best known for his involvements in the death of Nigerian students, notably Kunle Adepeju of UI in the 70s when they were protesting against some of Obasanjo’s policies – Alli Mongo – a short form of Alli Must Go made us believe that Ibadan politics must always be a Godfather affair and that Ladoja must play balls with Adedibu, he even took us on a history course where he cited the garrison nature of Ibadan politics from inception.
I still find it very difficult to believe that a conscious abuse of the nation’s constitution could be so orchestrated by impeaching a Governor with just 18 out of 32 membersof the State house of assembly present while the Nigerian Ploice Force as usual took part in the dirty deal by disallowing honorable members from gaining entrance into the Assembly building; this fell short of the 2/3 majority required to complete such process and our president and the PDP are bold enough to tell us that they followed due process. I am afraid for this country and as denoted by the title of this blog…. I smell the Marshal’s Anthem. Please figure out the meaning yourself!

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