Infranothing and other gists!

It has been a busy last few days. It is not the common definition of being busy as all sorts of things are just criss-crossing my head, my mind plus including my physical body 🙂
My very close friend put a call across to me at a very late time almost this morning, as in some minutes to 12 midnight yesterday. I felt maybe he just wanted to give me some well deserved encouragement but the call was a very disturbing one. He came down from Abuja with his wife to do some stuff in Lagos. They were staying in his in-laws place and planning to see other friends before returning to Abuja. The news was that the house was burning! I actually thought I was dreaming as I was on a forum earlier in the day reading about recent fire incidences all over the country. By the time I was through speaking to him, I could imagine the extent of damage. I put a call through to the Celtel emergency line and the amiable young man that picked told me that he already alerted the fire service around Ikeja about the incidence.
Bad news is that the fire service did not get there until about 2 hours later (A world record considering the resources they have). As at last count; this family lost all the belongings on the 2 flats upstairs and it is sad ‘cos those are quite some things. 🙁
I am still trying to figure out how we can make things work in Nigeria. Is it possible to continue waiting for government to provide the magic wand? Or is it God that will come down to help us?
I look back to some years when having a phone line is a biggie and only the rich do. I also imagine the number of lives that have been saved just by a simple phone call. The phone problem was resolved by allowing those who know the business (not NITEL) to run the industry. Why have we not done same for the power sector as well as other ailing industries in Nigeria? The root cause of the fire was traced to a wayward candle …. an avoidable condition if NEPA works.
A lot of lives have been lost to infernos like this as well as road accidents caused by bad roads. What would it take to make things work? I have promised God and my friends that I will not be one of those that will sit down comfortably and not think of what to do. And not talking alone, ‘cos talk is cheap, but thinking and pushing solutions. If we keep quiet and fold our arms, believe me that one day your house might be next on the list.
Do you dare to make a difference? I hope you will join the league of young people willing to make a difference by pushing solutions and not blaming the polity every time!
Other Gist!
Hmmmmmmmm, I am going to have to make some tough decisions in the next few hours regarding my career. I have been enjoying myself for the past few years and I think it is time to make some big moves. Already, I have been inundated by the frequency at which different ideas and openings have been flowing in. I have to sit down and articulate the plans so as not to mess them up. By the time this year ends, I want to stand in front of God and declare – – – I have used my talents well.
On the other part, a journey starts tomorrow 23rd February in my life. I will let u in on this soon 🙂
Have a wonderful weekend all.