Looking Back

Bringing this blog back is meant to serve a very important purpose. A journey back to some experiences that shaped my life as well as sharing those things that are influencing me in the present. And also a peek into future activities. My next few posts are going to take a peek back to some of those events and as a project manager – lessons learned is always a big deal for me in any situation. As the popular saying goes – if you lose it, don’t lose the lesson.

My friend Emmanuel Oluwatosin commented on my post Sweet Mother and it made me remember the kind of feeling that came over me the day I went to resume at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. It was a day in April 1997 when I finally resumed at Great Ife. It was not a good time for the family as things were not going on very fine with my dad’s finances. I always had dreams of the big shopping I will do when I am about to resume at varsity but unfortunately; not all dreams come true. It was harder for me ‘cos I was used to having a good life in school judging by the way I lived in secondary school with all the textbooks, food and provisions never lacking. So to my 16 1/2 years self gaining admission to a University was a big deal but the excitement was not complete as the registration money was even hard to come by not to talk of buying baffs and other needs. I had to go back to my former house in School of Science Ile-Ife to pick up my old mattress. Luckily I found it because I had just left the school some months back.
I had about 4 shirts then and looking back to that time — I can only say that God helped me to develop a certain thick skinned mentality as well as an uncommon self worth that was not tied to what I possessed. It was not easy for me because I was not used to very hard life and coupled with my young age; I know it was a miracle I survived because one would expect some big things especially after gaining admission at such a young age. It was almost impossible for me to maximize my potentials in the first few years in school. I practically lived day to day but I made sure my integrity did not get compromised.
It was my 3rd year in University that I finally decided to make the best use of my stay in School and put behind me any disadvantage I had. I also decided to have a very good life so I can ensure a better life for my siblings and parents. That decision was key to a lot of events that happened afterward. I broke out of my traditional shell and involved myself in a lot of activities that my department could not give to me. From my 3rd year and beyond – I decided I was going to be a change agent in a department where some ignorant thought the best we could be after school was teach or lecture. I decided that I was going to bring hope even when my own life was not totally set. I decided to be different. See how in my next post.

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