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This post is inspired by a decision to live a life that contributes to the Nigerian and African dream. A dream born out of a desire to evolve a nation and continent far from the present status of a dark people. A glimpse into a future of possibilities that will only be possible when individuals understand the extent a single change of heart can positively affect our nations. I am one of those people who believe that the regeneration of the human mind is possible and that all hope is not lost for a revitalization. If I as an individual is ready to respect the sanctity of life belonging to my fellow humans and understand the fact that a beastly interaction with them confirms the popular view of us as no better than animals; then I think we are on the right track.

Everyday is mixed with a plethora of bad news, poverty and hopelessness especially in our part of the world. But this same part of the world boasts of the highest concentration of natural resources and in my own opinion, a high proportion of potentially great human resources. I used the word ‘potentially’ because though we have a lot of intellectuals around but there are still many more who due to simple yet trivial reasons like malnutrition have not been able to maximize their brain powers. I don’t want to derail as that is a post for another day.

A lot of people have given up on our nations (I said nations because a lot of African countries face similar problems) and would even prefer to be illegal immigrants in Libya but is that where it all ends? I believe that it is not a hopeless solution and even in the midst of the darkness; there are still beacons of light for all to see even though people tend to prefer the bad news. Recently, I have been thinking a lot about the human mind and its ability to condemn but not proffer solutions. I also marvel at how many of us blame the incumbent but when we are presented with power prove to be more animal-like than those we criticized. Is it that we can never get it right as humans? No, it is just a matter of principle and decisions first made as an individual and then wholly adopted as a people.

The Americans have shown us that despite their flaws, they still hold the position as the conscience and leader of the modern world. They have proven to us that having a sound institutional framework and adhering to same is a prerequisite to having a successful nation. George W Bush goes down as one of the most infamous presidents of America but despite his errors; I still salute his contribution to the seamless transition of power to the first black president of the United States. We know what could have happened if this episode happened in some other countries. Everyone has been focusing on Obama and the new face of change in the US but I also salute the American framework which makes it almost impossible for an individual to hold the country to ransom; a gift from the founding fathers of America. Which brings us to the question – what foundation did our own founding fathers lay? I think an answer to that question will go a long way in understanding the mind of the average Nigerian leader and citizen as it may be.

As you may have known – a lot of Nigerians and Africans attended Obama’s historic inauguration but did they leave with the expected lessons? Let’s even come closer home. Ghana is our West African neighbor and I am proud of their presidential elections which went on for some time but was a very open process. I hope South Africa will give us something to cheer about in 2009 as they go to the polls especially with the political climate in that country in the emergence of COPE and the events that led to its formation. I sincerely pray that all goes well for Africa’s pride.

The main reason I am posting this is not in those analysis made above but in the next few paragraphs. I am wondering what will happen if all of us decide to start doing good, having the overall good of our nations at heart. I am just thinking how everything would change if our generation decides to create a better world for our children and their offspring? I don’t know if you have thought of it that way before, but this is a call for us all to start this new movement. A movement of women and men sold out to change their World one person at a time. It is in this light that I have made the following creed which will be an ongoing process and open to addition. I guess you should form yours too.

To be fair in my dealings with all. Not giving myself to unnecessary legalities but choosing to use the almighty as a guide.

To always distant myself from corrupt deals because human lives are at stake. Money stolen from the Works ministry makes the thief a murderer ‘cos the roads won’t be safe. Money stolen from the health ministry ensures death in our hospitals.

To be a good citizen no matter the rot in the system.

To be a gospel preached by living a life worthy of emulation.

To always strive for the betterment of my nation, continent and the World at large.

To contribute to the society by first being a good husband and father. First to make sure my wife is happy and also to raise godly kids who will bless their generation.

To use my God given abilities not to enrich my soul and body only but to bless others. That through me, many lives will be blessed and obtain fulfillment.

To always speak the truth even in the face of adversity.

To hold good name and the importance of good posterity above worldly wealth.

To pursue the real essence of happiness which is in impacting one’s World in an unselfish way.

So help me God. Amen.

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