Of Babangida’s Confession, Dube’s Mistaken Identity as a Nigerian and Karl Marx

1. Babangida finally gave reasons for annulment of June 12

General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida is a man we can not forget in a hurry in Nigeria. As far as I am concerned; he committed crimes of the heinous category whilst he was the head of state and the commander in chief of the armed forces, federal republic of Nigeria. According to This Day newspapers edition of February 5 2009- Babangida finally opened up on his reason for canceling the most peaceful and fairest election in the history of the Nigerian political landscape. He ‘confessed’ at the unlikeliest of platforms – The Moments With Mo show.

Sincerely, if I heard that Mo invited Babangida to her show, the first thing that would cross my mind is WHAT!!!!! But a certain pronouncement made during the interview was enough to attract my attention. See below in his own words:

Babangida, who described the annulment as “unfortunate” and revealed that he would launch a book on the saga next year, said having been on the steering wheel of government at the time, he and the Armed Forces Ruling Council (AFRC) knew that the new democratic government to be installed would sooner than later be toppled through another military coup deta’t, which he said his government wanted to avoid.

What a reason for setting Nigeria back at least 3 decades. It is also very unfortunate that this man who is described as the evil genius thinks so little of the intellect possessed by the average Nigerian. How dare he come more than 15 years after the crime to give us this stupidly crafted old wife’s tale? The first insult we suffered from him was his intention to come back as President of our country but this latest insult just confirms how he is wired. He should spare us the crap and know that even of the Kings of this earth are unable to judge him – the one who rules from heaven surely would. The full story can be found here.

2. Lucky Dube was killed ‘cos we thought he was Nigerian says his killers

It was with shock and disbelief that I heard this news on a South African news channel yesterday. The dusts raised by the xenophobic attacks are still not totally cleared; hence hearing this news brings back memories of those who died during the senseless and unfortunate attacks. The news also confirms once again that Africa has a long way to go in integration and the dream of Gaddafi and his supporters in the US of Africa state is taller than the tower of babel. Many might be tempted to say that some Nigerians are the cause of this issues or a tendency to blame the economic condition of our country; but relax, a lot of South African nationalities and companies are repatriating Millions of dollars from Nigeria monthly. I am yet to hear of any plan of Xenophobic attacks on SA citizens in Nigeria. Yet, the balance of trade between the two countries ultimately tips to the SA side from Telecoms to Retail stores and even entertainment.

This backward mindset should be condemned by the authorities in South Africa and is worthy of a diplomatic intervention from the Nigerian government. But to be sincere again, enlightened South Africans have been condemning the summation by the killers wondering if being a Nigerian is a passport to death. The sanctity of human life is not respected by this hoodlums and once can not but ask if the 2010 World cup won’t be a mistake judging from the human traffic that will descend on South Africa. Security of life is a major challenge for Mzansi’s government but with the elections that have started generating violence – one can only hope that the rainbow nation will not lose its shine. Story can be read here.

3. When the Unknown unknowns happen; then the dissidents are praised.

Father of communism and a fiery fighter of the principle of free markets a la Capitalism – Karl Marx was a man hated by many especially those who thought his ideals were too narrow and unrealistic for the modern World. At a point in time, his ideals were defeated especially with the rise of free markets in the developed world and the craze for privatization in most developing countries. His schools of Marxism and Hegelian ism was thus subjected to ridicule by many modern day economists. Although, one cannot be totally in favor of all that he represents, but one is also amazed at how his ‘faulty’ ideas is now haunting the World today. Many are now praising his works for being a very objective critique of the Capitalist regime.

This post is not an expose of his Communists Manifesto but just a reminder of how men quickly change their opinions in the twinkle of an eye. As governments battle to save the World from a total economic collapse; lets see how the Works of men like Marx and Engels can bring some sanity back into the system. Though I don’t see the World totally shifting to that side, but some lessons could be learned from these great minds.

4 thoughts on “Of Babangida’s Confession, Dube’s Mistaken Identity as a Nigerian and Karl Marx”

  1. Babatope says:

    What more does anyone expect IBB to say? Waiting for an apology to the Nigerian people or his readiness to accept he was wrong is a waste of time.

    Though, I guess its also interesting how the guy just keeps ensuring relevancy for himself by keeping the issue on the front burner.

    Truth be told, no explanation, excuse, reasoning or whatever we call it is sound enough. One word suffices & springs to mind when IBB speaks…..selfishness & self-centredness

  2. oluseun onigbinde says:

    i am always irritated when i hear IBB talk, people that should have been left to to rot in societal excommunication still talk with no regret or prick of conscience about the damage thay did to this country and generatons unborn…. i am sorry, i hate to hear him talk and he wants to give a responsible outlook thinking we all suffer from collective amnesia.. You with find out his coming book is a beer parlour banter full of inanities.

  3. oluseun onigbinde says:

    Karl Max appeared on TIME magazine and it seems the world has began to celebrate him and his fellow Engels…. Capitalism is still the best but when hijacked by sleazy CEOs with lax regulation, it can spin out of control and the result is now very obvious.

  4. Dade says:

    Babangida knows that whatever else he has done, his top legacy is tied around the annulled (sorry, cancelled) June 12 elections. But he needn’t worry, he might yet find another route to relevance now that he has said he’s too old to run in 2011. If Gaddafi, the godfather of coup plotters has his way in making coups legitimate again in his new AU project, IBB might just find himself in prime position for AU Special Envoy to Coup Plotters!

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