Sword Men to die by their swords

I sometimes wonder if there can ever be a week in the world without strife, war, killings, injustice, etc…… I think not. Last week witnessed a reminder of the bad times again in Nigeria, a certain diversion from the Middle East crisis – the death of Funsho Williams, former Lagos State Commissioner for works and PDP Guber candidate for the 2003 Lagos seat. If there is anything I know about this man, he is the biggest threat to anyone aspiring to win the ticket of his party and none of the other contestants have gathered the kind of momentum he has with his political clique.
It therefore came as a big shock when I got to know about his assassination – a brutal one judging from the autopsy and police reports. I am really afraid for this country and I hope this is not going to be a chain reaction as elections are just a few months away. The reality is that we have all lost faith in the ability of the Nigerian Police Force to unravel the mysteries; let’s not forget that a whole minister of justice was killed and till now the murder remains unsolved. There are countless souls crying out for justice, people killed without bringing anybody to book but let the killers not rejoice ‘cos even if men do not see them; the all important and ever-present God does! No evil doer will go unpunished.
These murders will surely be avenged very soon, not just those killed by assassins’ bullets or daggers, but the poor men who daily die from bad health infrastructures, bad roads, corruption from high places, etc. The time is very near and all participants of Project Spoil Nigeria will suffer.
God is about to clean this country.

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