I am always on top of my game whenever the week is running out, especially on Fridays. That is why the word “Thank God It’s Friday” sounds so good to me. It is not as if I am a big socialite or that I am looking forward to so much at the weekend; but the mere fact that I can wake up whenever I want on Saturday and Sunday Morning (Though this can be overruled by Weddings on Saturdays and Church on Sundays) is a very alluring feeling.
I love my job so much, and I might have to go to work on weekends if there are issues with the platforms I am managing; I still believe that weekends are important times to reconnect with myself and God, have time for families and most importantly catch up on the quiet times missed during week days.
This weekend especially is a unique one…. the second and last phase of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) will be holding in Tunis and the resolutions at this meeting will shape the way for the world. Issues like Internet Governance (which I love so much), bridging the digital divides, e.t.c will be addressed and possible positions taken during the meeting.
I am particularly happy that Nigerian Youths are ready to do us proud again as they are set to ROCK TUNIS! They are taking some effizees to Tunisia to reiterate the fact that NIGERIA ROCKS! Paradigm Initiative Nigeria with great support from Heinrich Bohl Foundation has put together a video documentary to showcase the efforts of Nigerian Youths in the WSIS process. They also produced a book titled – Global Process, Local Reality with contributions from outstanding young men and women. I have the honour of writing a chapter in the book.
Not left out of the journey to Tunis are the normal T-Shirts, place cards and other souvenirs. I am so proud of these efforts and I can sense a deep level of commitment from young people and a strong statement echoing the fact that we will do better than our predecessors – Did I hear Amen!
Guys – just go ahead and show them we are better than we were in Ghana. I will miss my friends for the one week they are spending and I urge them to Se Omo daadaa O! If your mind is dirty, I am not saying what you think! Explore the Palomas and OOPS of Tunis, but beware of Sharia.

Guys go ahead and tell them NIGERIA ROCKS!

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