……V for Vendetta

Hi Guys,
Its been more than a month now since I posted on my Blog. I have not been able to settle down and spread my time to accommodate all my passions. I recently have to double my workload in my office due to a colleague that just left us for greener pastures abroad, I fit blame the guy? The answer is for another day.
A lot has happened since Feb 23 when I posted last….. 3rd term campaigns have hottened up, Chelsea is outta the Champions League, Commonwealth Games, Charles Taylor “runaway”, and recently – V for Vendetta.
I went with Tope Soremi, Gbenga Sesan, Temilade Agbaje and Tunde Sesan to watch the new Action film yester night at Silverbird Galleria and I can say that it was a worthwhile venture. I enjoyed myself so much and concurred with GS when he said that he is smelling OSCARS for the film. It is not only about the quality of acting, pictures and costume but the richness of the story and its relevance to the Nigerian and generally the World context. Another attraction for me is that the main character – V is a lover of Edmond Dantes; the hero in the book – Count of Monte Cristo, a book that blew my mind away though I first watched the film before reading the book. As expected the book is better than the film but the lesson is key – If you read the book, you will believe that Vengeance could be sweet sometimes and that evil hardly gets away without getting justice.
V obviously followed Edmond Dante’s methods and got to his enemies, who were also obviously the enemies of the masses.
I encourage you to watch this film and ask yourself if it is not relevant to many countries of the world? I shall say no more for now but will speak again soon.

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