Enters the NIGHT Force ……

My friends have found a trend in my thoughts this new year – I believe this is a year that will separate the focused from the passive. I have decided to maximize my time and resources for good causes as well as those that will bring out the best in and out of me. As you have doubtless noticed; I am very passionate about Nigeria as well as technology and Internet Governance. My passion for the future of Nigeria led me to start the Nigerian Anti-Scam Network (NAN) together with some friends in 2005 (‘Deolu Akinyemi, ‘Gbenga Sesan, Tope Soremi, Michelle Ughanze, Bayodele Olotu, Emmanuel Olutosin).
NAN made some great impacts through seminars, our web portals and individual actions, It is worthy of note that we got a mention in a United Nations Economic Commission for Africa’s publication as an effective youth-led effort in Africa. I salute these young people who sacrificed their time, money and intellect for the good of this nation. NAN has since being quiet for some time due to the fact that all of us got very busy but we continued doing our best to fight the scourge of Cyber crime in Nigeria.
It is with great happiness that I proudly announce through this medium a resurrection that will gladden the heart of many and help our country to a path that is sensible and profitable. This resurrection is also significant because the new organization is coming out just not to fight Cybercrime and proffer solutions as well as alternative sources of income but we are moving into the larger picture of Internet Governance. Africa has long been sidelined in the IG debates and there are not so many IG experts. The Nigerian Internet Governance Hybrid Task Force (NIGHT FORCE) is strategically positioned to correct this and serve as a bridge to provide training, research and facilitate collaborations with stakeholders on all IG debates.
Myself and ‘Gbenga Sesan have been working hard for the past few weeks to ensure a successful and long-lasting effort. The responses have been mind blowing and we will continue working hard to make this work. The tasks are enormous and very important because the future of our nation is tied to the kind of citizens we produce. From time to time, we will solicit your support and as usual – we know you will oblige us.
We will work together to make Nigeria a better place.