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My Rooms in Great Ife – 200L/300L

200 Level – Room 295, Obafemi Awolowo Hall The moment I resumed 200 level; I knew it was going to be one enduring session because I left home without any hope of an accommodation and my parents were not buoyant enough to provide money for

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My rooms in Great Ife – 100 Level

There are events and people in our past that contributed to our growth and development. I remember today the guys I stayed with during my OAU days from 100 level upwards. I remember the jokes we shared, the wisdom learned, the close shaves with death,

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We Fall Down and We Get UP

I originally finished University in January 2001. I said originally because I did not know I was going to stay back for a whole session to do 2 courses. The worst thing I ever imagined, happened to me as it was clear I had an