Adeniyi Oladeji Oluwaseun

When my autobiography is released and the story of my life is told, there are some individuals who will be prominent in the plots. One of such is Adeniyi Oladeji, I refer to him as more than a friend ‘cos we have been together for a long time. I look back to about 13 years ago as SS1 students at School of Science Ile-Ife; we were then in the same class. We have come a long way even during our undergraduate days at OAU Ile-Ife when we were in the same faculty, attended the same fellowship and stayed together most of the time.
He is someone that I fight with but we also bond a lot, we have suffered together, faced funny and unfunny situations at times, enjoyed together, and the list goes on. Why am I standing up for this champion? Yes did I mention that we also work for the same company, well until some few days back when he stepped out of Vmobile (Now Celtel Nigeria). I have to stand up for him because he is one guy who’s got guts and a go getter. He is also an incurable optimist who believes so much in himself and his dream. With him by your side, you can never fear any lofty goal you covet.
This is to wish my guy great times ahead as he faces a whole new terrain and to congratulate him on his birthday tomorrow August 19 2006 as he turns (wow e ti dagba o baba)…… I know that your future is bright and I respect your guts. Ride on man and enjoy the smooth transition to the top.

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