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The Opposite of Love is not Hate

“The opposite of love is not hate, it is fear” – John Legend I finally watched Inferno, a 2016 movie staring Tom Hanks. The plot is dope. I love history and the play on Dante’s Hell and other historical facts/works of art just made it

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Why Men Must Not Cheat!

The past few weeks were filled with some passionate writings on Nigeria. I guess that is a topic I can never run from as I am a Nigerian – a total one. Today, I am not writing about politics, governance or leadership but about a

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45 Great Lessons From a 90 Year Old

I am mostly skeptical about chain emails; but if I don’t share this one, then I am not doing my friends good. Please go through the 45 lessons and there will be a point or two that will hit you hard. Written By Regina Brett,

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What Defines You?

It is a 3 worded question, but mostly answered inaccurately. Who are you? This innocently looking question is one of the hardest to get through not because of its complexity but as a result of our stereotype of not understanding the right way to present

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The Power Of Sacrifice

From the beginning of the World, every wonderful thing that has happened is based on one important principle that we don’t like to practice – sacrifice. The biblical account of creation lends credence to this fact when the Omnipotent God himself worked for six straight

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What Fear Can Do To You

I came in contact recently with a story that fascinated me some years ago. That story made me re-evaluate my life and the kind of stuff that I allow to pass through my mind. It also taught me about the concept of fear and the

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My Creed

This post is inspired by a decision to live a life that contributes to the Nigerian and African dream. A dream born out of a desire to evolve a nation and continent far from the present status of a dark people. A glimpse into a

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Happy New Year and God’s Promises

2008 was a great year and I am so happy that after reviewing my activities – I can say that God has been so good. I have also promised God to do more in 2009 and ensure that the potentials he has put in me

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Is man truly evolving?

Man as a specie will continue evolving especially in the form of adaptation to his environment. Scientists are quick to talk about homo erectus, homo sapiens, etc but the adaptation I am talking about has to do with the way the male and female species