God Save Our Eyes!

It is now an anormally to walk through any street in Nigeria without assaulting one’s eyes. When I was growing up, it was not a common thing to see a woman wearing trousers, talkless of revealing dresses. The slip started occuring when Holywood movies and music videos started flooding our dear nation. Babes now think about looking like their diva heroines and are content to expose all their ‘once termed’ secret parts.
I am not that old, but I could recall that it was easy to identify a beautiful woman unlike these days when even the most ‘woworik’ of them can tush up and expose her body making her stand out of the crowd easily. To know if a woman is busty or has all the necessary statisitcs was hard then, but now you don’t need any experience to see these things with the very tight and body hugging clothes they wear. Everybody now has a chance to show something to us.
It has gotten so bad that traveling to rural areas will not solve the problem as the babes in these communities even dress worse than University students. Let’s visit our churches. In tongue-speaking, firebrand churches I respect so much; it is now a common sight to see ‘sisters’ wearing all sorts to worship God. I am scared especially because they don’t even care and they act as if all is well. The other day, myself and a friend saw asome of these sisters in 1 service and we were so concerned.
We all know that we are in the 21st century but God has not changed at all! The standard is still there and should not be compromised for any reason! Looking good is not the same as exposing one’s body to the public. A lot of people will be quick to remind me that if my mind is clean, I should not have any problem; but the fact is that anywhere we turn nowadays brings all sort of sights to us. I am even afraid that by the time I have children, television will be outlawed in my house, even fast food joints play musical videos that are in the same leagues as Porn videos.
I love the African woman because she has diginity and is proud of it, even better is the fact that she is getting emancipated. We have the first African female head of state. But this dignity is fast eroding and I think it should grow along with emancipation. Rapes are more constant on campuses now, there are more teenage pregnancies and HIV AIDS is on the rise. A man is easily affected by what he sees! and these things we are seeing nowadays are scary, infact it is harder now than ever to be sane!
But I must quickly point out the fact that there are still many beautiful women who still dress to kill, while maintaining the diginity of womanhood! Please, help us by following those kinda women, it helps. Most guys love seeing your boobs but will still want to marry a woman who dresses decently.
Lets all try and maintain a sane society where we can waka without yawa to our eyes!

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