I cannot describe the elation, happiness, relief and joy I am feeling right now. Sometimes around May 2008; I had some technical issues with my hosts which later became more problematic with the .ng domain hosting issues. Work and other commitments did not allow me the chance to fix the problem; I feel so terrible that I cannot put down my thoughts (and they are many) on the media that people usually catch me on.
It has thus been not a very fulfilling period for me as I have so much to share and God wants us to die empty. A lot of events have passed – getting married, career progressions, wifey enjoying some good career boosts, etc. I will spend the next few days to catch up on those times that passed.
Welcome back to a better HAYSPIRATION. I will just say that you are in for a great time from now as the thoughts that would be poured onto the pages of this blog have life in them.

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