Its A New Year and a New Dawn

Hello All.
I will start by wishing you all a very wonderful new year. I am so excited about Year 2008 and I call it my year of perfection. Why? Because I believe so much that this year is loaded and a lot of great things will happen to those who want it. Surprised – no you shouldn’t be. The atmosphere is charged – a lot of opportunities will present themselves, some of them will not be so obvious and it will take a man or woman of great sensitivity to understand the mysteries. I know that this year is going to define a lot of things both in our individual lives as well as our collective existence as a country.
I have decided to make the best of this year and ensure that only the best will I get from my activities this wonderful year. I am never going to pretend that I can do it alone but I am trusting the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, my redeemer to help me.
All that said – – – I am using this opportunity to apologize to God and man for aborting the dream I have of this blog mid-way into last year. As a man with a lot of sides and insights; it is unfair that the aims and objectives of having this medium was not met last year. I hereby promise that this space will provide a lot of life-changing, educative and mind-blowing pieces this year and beyond.
Please keep in touch and welcome back!

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