Review Your Words!

About 2 years ago, a certain young and vibrant Nigerian – Mutiu Okediran interviewed me and the questions were great. I answered all the questions with an open mind. Today fate led me back to the website and I am amazed at how accurate everything I said is and I still hold on to the words I spoke then. Going back to read the interview also reminded me of the promise of my first solo book to come out this year. It is highly coincidental that while laying on my bed last night – the thought of the book came back. I will make sure the dream is restarted. If you are interested in reading the interview, please visit –

2 thoughts on “Review Your Words!”

  1. mutiu says:

    Its great thing I had the interview with and very happy for you in moving to the NEXT STAGE.
    Keep on doing what you know how to do best

  2. Oluwabori Odunaike says:

    Hey bros…read this interview of yours and I honestly believe one of the answers you gave actually befits the recently proclaimed re-branding of Nigeria blah blah….I wanted to add a comment I made on it to your topic “The Burden of Nation building” under the category “Naija” but couldn’t. Here’s my take on it…

    “Of what good is it trying to paint the exterior of a house while the interior is left stinkingly dirty with all sorts? This “re-branding” stuff is just a camouflage because it shouldn’t be the next task in the entire process life-cycle now. The government should first and foremost eradicate all the internal problems and lack of basic infrastructure. I once told a few friends of mine that once the problem with electricity is solved, 70% of Nigeria’s problems is solved. So long as 80% of the populace still live in abject darkness, with terrible roads accessing the localities and basic health and education is not in place, then we shouldn’t be wasting time and money embarking on a fruitless effort. Sustenability is also very important. And if the right education is not offered the youths of today, they will surely not be able to manage whatever success is achieved today in the nearest future. These and many more problems that Nigerians are facing need to be solved. Corruption, needless to say, has been the backbone of the government over the years, and some are still in there today, perpetrating all their fraudulent acts, with the law enforcement agency looking the other way because they themselves need re-branding. All the bad eggs need to be broken and flushed off. When the interior is clean, it will definitely manifest on the exterior. If an individual is clean inwards, it will be seen in his speech and outward appearance. It glows and flows outwards. Same goes for the country. When we are clean and clear inwards, our exterior is AUTOMATICALLY RE-BRANDED. It will be seamless and effortless.”

    You said this in your interview…”The media all over the world has done us great injustice but we actually gave them the right to do it. Our society respects money and people will do anything to get respect, hence the incurable thirst for money. Until our value systems are restored and people are praised for adding value to the nation not because of money; we will not resolve this problem. We should celebrate teachers, lecturers and others who touch lives, not a political godfather who made his money through dubious means. There should also be a general improvement in standard of living before things can get better, a situation where everyone is a local government providing electricity (Generator), water (borehole) and other amenities personally is slap on the government’s face and this actually gives a poor man cause to look for more money. Until people have jobs that can feed and make them live reasonably well, the fight against dubious practices will be a fruitless war. It is then that a re-orientation of the mind could actually do any good to our society”


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