This Season

I have been very far from my blog for a long time. My last post was on the 18th of September – a very bad one at that.
I have to use this opportunity to thank almighty God for his unrepentant mercies in my life. This year has been a very great one. Though; I am constantly reminding myself of the fact that it could have been better if I am a bit more faithful to some decisions I made for God and following him more. Yeah, the demands of work and other distractions were there thoughout the year, but I pray and look for God’s face in correcting this. Nothing should stop me from maximising my potentials for God. This is a main area of my life that I intend to vigorously pursue in the coming months and year.
Now to the reason for the season. The greatest love story ever told is that of Jesus Christ dying on the cross of calvary for our sins. The love continues even till today as he keeps loving us even in our unfaithfulness and inperfectness. I am so happy to share in this invaluable love; one that makes me glow anytime I remember my inheritance in Christ.
My prayer for our nation in this period is that God’s love will shine though even in this season and make perfect the things that look to consume us. Next year will be a good one for this country and God will surprise us in a number of ways. We will have the right set of leaders chosen right from his throne of mercies. Corruption will be a bitter poison, judgement will start on the destroyers of Nigeria’s destiny.
And for everyone, December is not a devilish month, let us pray for God’s safety and also take precautions when using the roads to avoid all kinds of accidents. We will all rejoice and do great exploits in the new year.
Mary Xmas and a Joseph new year ……ooops sorry ….. Happy Xmas and a prosperous new year!

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