We need a break

We are at a breaking point in this country at present. The kinda things I see everyday are alarming and of serious consequences. Armed robbery is on the increase, corruption is still a big threat and baba God will not leave us alone.
There is a big war going on now between the perceived lucky ones and the supposed unlucky ones in our society. The riff-raff (permit my language) on the street is very angry at the simple elite who works himself to death to earn his salary and drives a simple car with a mobile phone in his hand at all times. What an irony, I wonder why the downtrodden are at each other’s throat and not fighting the real enemies – the big bellied thieves who wield power like their birth right.
I know what I am saying and until we realize the threat, things will never change in this country. A friend narrated a very pathetic story to me last week and I was speechless (Not like MJ of course!). He went to collect money in a bank and as he left, two young men followed him and another guy from the bank; the end result – the other guy was killed as well as the Okada man without any struggle and I hear you asking why killing him if he did not struggle with the thieves? The answer – anger! They can not imagine why the guy has a bank account and they do not, very sad. My friend escaped by the whiskers with his life and money intact but the story shook me and I was really afraid. These kinda scenarios are now very rampant and are common place occurrences. There are too many hungry and angry people; they do not have access to those who brought poverty to this country but to fellow strugglers who were just more fortunate and maybe more hardworking than they are.
But I know that no matter what, we will reach the breaking point one day soon and all will be clearer. 2007 will be a great decider and I am trusting the “One who knows the beginning from the end” to help us out ‘cos only him can do it.
Enjoy the rest of the week.

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