Diepreye Alamieyeseigha is back at work in his home state of Bayelsa, officials say. He was granted bail in September, on condition he stayed in the UK.

He was originally arrested in September in Heathrow airport and some £1m-worth of cash was found in his London home.

Mr Alamieyeseigha says he is innocent and said the UK was being neo-colonial.

Bayelsa’s Information Commissioner Oronto Douglas told the AFP news agency: “We woke up this morning and he was here… He said that God brought him here.”

Mr Douglas said large crowds had lined the streets of the state capital, Yenagoa, to welcome the governor back.

British police have confirmed that he has failed to meet his bail conditions which included reporting regularly to a police station.

—-That was how the news was chronicled on the BBC website today!
It came as a huge shock to my colleagues in the office and they did not believe me until I sent them the URL for confirmation. The questions are many now –
1. What next?
2. is this the end of the journey?
3. What will the EFCC do? Siddon look or arrest the thief?
4. What will be the reaction of the British Government?
5. Since Joshua and Diepreye have successfully fled London after arrest, is there any lesson for other Governors?

We will keep our fingers crossed and see how the events unfold.
But I have some question for the British Police.
1. How did he manage to escape?
2. What were the custom officials doing or did he use Ofe(A juju for dissapearing)?
3. What happened to the so called finger print technology?
4. What passport did he use to travel and if it belonged to another person, is that not a fact that their system is beatable?
5. What effect will this shameful occurence have on Britain’s standing in the Corruption index bearing in mind that money would have changed hands with Police and Airport security staff to facilitate his escape?

Events in the next few days will confirm our fears and/or hopes. All the same – I throwway salutate to the big thief, the one we should fear so much alarmdonblow, sorry Alameishameful!

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