At Long Last!

I am very happy and fulfilled writing this post. For about 3 years now, I have been doing some research and showing a lot of interest in Internet Governance. I even executed a research work for the National Cybercrime Working Group on Lawful Interception which was paid for and have written various articles on diverse topics on Internet Governance; culminating in the publication of a book with other young people on WSIS where I wrote the chapter on Youths and Cybercrime. I have also presented papers and spoken at various conferences on this passionate field.
So, it was with a lot of enthusiasm and believe that I applied for the first Diplo Capacity Building Programme in 2005. I got the answer to my application – no! I tried again in 2006 and this time I moved one step up – I was on the waiting list but finaly no one stepped down.
So, in 2007 when the call for applications came up; I applied and was positive about being picked for one of the slots reserved for developing countries, meaning I will not pay the course fees. See below the mail trail that ensued –

21 Feb 2007
Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your application for the Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme of DiploFoundation. We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to the shortlist of the applicants for the programme.
The final list of participants will, however, be determined in the second round of selection, and the chosen participants will be informed by Sunday, 25 February 2007.

The Shocker came on 27 Feb 2007

Dear Applicants,
Thank you for your application for the Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme.
We regret to inform you that you have not been selected to participate in the programme. We received over 600 applications for 135 places. The standard of applicants was exceptionally high and as such we were faced with some very difficult choices.
Please sign up for DiploNews, our e-mail newsletter, in order to be informed
about opportunities with DiploFoundation (from

And I replied thus –

Thank you,
It is dissapointing though. I have been looking forward to a favourable response especially after getting the first email from you. This should be the third time I am rejected for this programme. Maybe my passion for Internet Governance is too strong; that explains why I keep coming back.
Thanks and best regards,

And when I least expected anything – the mail came in today …………
Dear participants,

Hereby we would like to welcome you to the IGCBP for 2007. This message is
to acknowledge your acceptance and to confirm your participation in the

As a recipient of the scholarship for developing countries, we ask you to
read and sign the Statement of Commitment (document attached). Please send
the signed Statement via email, in DOC, PDF or JPG form, to:

Soon you will receive further guidelines on the programme from the IGCB
chair team and the tutor of your group.


I am very happy ‘cos this is an opportunity for me to expand my expertise in IG and thus help Africa on its path to global recognition. This process is a long one and I promise to do my best during the course. I will not let Africa down.

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