Do Something, Change Starts With You!

The human mind is a deep one with an ability to create and destroy. From the mind – man has been able to invent things, write blockbusters, start World wars and destroy their nations. Each man has a choice to either use his cortex for good or bad; some times, the concept of good and bad can be very confusing for some people who selfishly mix up these two concepts. Nigeria is a great case study when it comes to the issue of checking what goes on in a man’s mind. It is very clear now that almost all strata of the Nigerian society have an absurdity in their thought process.

It starts from the top. From the so called leaders who do not have the good of the country at heart. This usually permeates down the strata to the lowest ebb of the society even as far as school children who have very little or no inclinations towards contributing to the common good. Why is it that just a few of us want to queue up at eateries, few of us throw finished sachet water packs in dustbins (are there dustbins around?) and just very few will not repeat the same corrupt tendencies of the present political class?

However, I will not agree to the notion that it is a lost war and that nothing good can ever come out of Nigeria. That is a fallacy of hasty generalization. We cannot just come to that conclusion. What I have noticed is that those who usually preach that gloomy message are not ready to change and are part of the nuisance destroying our polity. The change we need will start as a personal journey to redemption, one person at a time. I cannot but keep using that phrase as I understand what one changed person can do.

We also have to get to a point when the ridiculous smells bad to us all. A point where we cannot just agree to continue the decay of our country. A point where we are just tired of the stereotype and a craving for sanity ensues. That is when we are truly ready to start a new phase of our lives. It is going to be a major shift in our paradigm but it is very possible. Almost all facets of our society is sick as at present but a collective resolve to start doing the right things will be the answer to the question.

Let’s analyze it this way. Our generation will no doubt want a better future for our children and the coming generations. Can we sincerely allow the present madness to continue thereby allowing the protegees of the present political class to continue raising the looting armies for the next generations? Is it not time for an awakening to happen to us all with the view to taking over from those murderers? I sincerely believe that influence is what we need to overcome this major barrier. It is clear that politics is a game of numbers and a lot of Nigerian youth are rising up to the challenge of mentoring others. Those are the people who should start preaching change and passing on the right values.

The political class is already digging their own graves and what a good thing to do. The national assembly just supported the bill sponsored by some Nigerians in the diaspora to allow them use their suffrage even outside the country during the elections. The man Iwu vehemently opposed the bill but he has been put in his place and for the first time – an army of voters who would most likely vote objectively will emerge. The logistics might be hard but this is where we all come in again. The plan is to use all Nigerian embassies and High Commission abroad as voting centers; it is time to start educating our brethren in diaspora about this opportunity for change.

For those at home; I am sure we all know we can not afford to keep quiet anymore and think miracles will happen. The global economic crunch which was supposedly not going to impact our country has been taking a huge toll on our nation. We suddenly found out that we have no insulation to the global crisis and the recently concluded forum in Davos did not even find a solution to the challenges. It is thus clear that leadership of each nation will be responsible to liberate their people from these woes. We can no longer look up to the World powers as they have suddenly become very vulnerable themselves.

I am not sure what else God or man needs to show us to confirm that we can get it right in Nigeria? The Lagos example is the best sign I have ever seen in my life. Not even the inauguration of Barrack Obama inspires change in Nigeria like this. Obama is more of an inspiration to America, we should also find our local equivalents of people who are ready to be the change. Governor Babatunde Fashola has proven a lot of people wrong concerning Lagos and its governance. Lagos State is the hardest state in Nigeria to govern due to its population and the degradation it suffered from previously insensitive governments. If anyone told me that a man could make noticeable changes in that state in less than 2 years; I would have said NO. I wish he will continue this good work and not slip into irrelevance (He has become relevant in our nation due to his good works).

I think Fashola’s performance should be enough to spark protests in other states where the governors are a bunch of irresponsible citizens. Now we know it is possible, so why can’t we have good governance? 2011 is just around the corner and the same men have started their campaigns for a second term or preparing their parties to maintain control for the next 60 years. I guess this is a good time for the emergence of a new political class that will be motivated by the young at heart (Not necessarily young in age) and supported by all. This movement should seek to have proper manifesto rather than bring people of strange ideologies together who are just strange bed fellows. I am a believer in the emergence of a new Nigeria where every good thing is possible. The question is – are you also ready to be a part of the change?

I will not just be involved in rhetoric – but I have decided to be a part of the change in any positive way. We cannot fold our arms and think better days will come. My questions to us all are – can we leave our comfort zones and decide that only those with empathy for our nation will rule us? Can we use the high population of young people in Nigeria to our advantage? Can we stop being pessimistic and do something for once? There is an opportunity to change our nation using the Internet as a medium to drive numbers. Please visit to register. It will be a good idea to join. They are not political parties but groups that might become powerful enough to sway the votes and install conscientious leaders for us.

It is your choice!

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