God Forgive Us, Amen.

The stage has just being set. The third term actors, directors and producers are still re-strategizing on the next act. The main actor is very embittered, he has just being beaten to his game and the only remedy is to push blames and ostracize him from the plot. Other actors who are best known as sycophants are busy smarting from the disgrace and are losing sleeps, devising new ways to get the dirty job done.
The directors and producers are not happy, but they really don’t care. An alternative will always exist; the hero of the play can always be changed!
That is the reality of the Nigerian state and for those who are rejoicing the failure of the inglorious and unpopular 3rd term debacle, please note that it is “not yet uhuru”. Have you thought of the other candidates gearing to take over Aso Rock? I believe that most of them are not even worthy of ruling their own houses. Notable among them is the man that contributed more than any other living being to the disintegration of values and financial stability of our dear country – the self-proclaimed evil genius.
I have heard people comment on Babangida saying that he is the best choice ‘cos he will allow everyone to chop. That is madness and we will get to a point in Nigeria where we will be slapping idiots with those kind of views, they should shut their mouth. Chop, I chop and have bad education, road, health infrastructure, e.t.c. I know many promising Nigerians who have died on Nigerian roads due to the state (You Know!).
We need a landmark paradigm shift and a duty to Nigeria by saying NO now. We need fresh blood and I believe that it is time to have good leadership, especially with the way disgrace came upon powerful men in the 3rd term agenda. I might not personally like OBJ, but to be objective, he has started some good initiatives and only sound, courageous, truthful, mass-loving leadership could take us from there. For me, the best thing that can happen to Nigeria is for men of proven integrity who have solid plans for this nation to emerge at the top of affairs. We do not need years of experience in looting our treasuries (Some argue we need men who have been there before!), we just need men after God’s heart who will lead us to the Promised Land.
I look around Nigeria and I see immeasurable potentials, not only in material things but in its citizenry. But like Gold, Nigerians need the right treatment and environment to shine! On behalf of myself and myself, I hereby commit myself to this noble duty of having a say in the coming political dispensation – not as a voter alone, but as a source of exposing wickedness and supporting the truth.
I challenge you to do same! We will succeed!

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