Jega’s Pronouncement

On this day in 2015, after marathon vigil and vigilance, I rejoiced as GEJ’s era ended. I have absolutely no regrets for supporting the movement that ousted an uninspiring, weak and corrupt government.
Human beings have an attribute that can both be positive and negative. We Forget! Sadly, there is no way to simulate what would have been now if the man GEJ and his cronies continued.

I am not saying that GEJ is a demon. But he was weak and allowed the kind of corrupt practices that still blows my mind today. Nigerians should please understand that the last government had a great run of oil prices and still messed up. I was just reading an article from 2015 where the Finance Minister was already planning to borrow money to pay salaries.

Politics is an interesting game. I have asked myself many times why Buhari would want to put himself through this hell. But since he decided to run and he gave some inspiring reasons he wanted to become President, it was logical to support him. Yes, today I have joined other progressive citizens to criticize the government anytime if goofs. We hope that the President and his team will deliver on the promises made and start us on the journey to greatness.
The fact of the matter is that Nigeria has been a failed country for many years.

It is more obvious now because we don’t have high oil prices to cushion some of the effects. It is thus unfair to blame Buhari for everything but it does not remove the fact that we expect more than what he has given now. This is the time to walk the talk in our bid to truly diversify the economy.

The following are the things Mr. President should consider doing immediately:
1. Release a practical economic policy document with milestones and dates.
2. Appoint a Minister of Petroleum. He has no business doing it himself. He should also consider separating the role of NNPC from Junior Petroleum Minister.
3. Give us a proper monetary policy direction. In fact, he should sack the present CBN government and recruit someone that can turn things around. He also needs to give the individual a chance to do her/his job.
4. Give his VP the much needed power to lead the economic team. The VP should then surround himself with great minds.
5. From 4 above, we need these great minds to give us a workable blueprint to truly diversify our economy. Agriculture, technology and a vibrant service industry will be good starts.
6. Mandate the Minister of education to invite tech minds to revolutionize learning methods at all tiers of education.
7. Find innovative ways to expand our present tax base.
8. Release the real amounts we have recovered from thieves and end speculations.
9. Change his media team and become more open to the nation.
10. Limit the trips.

I understand the mood in the country right now, but please note that other Oil dependent economies that were even run without our kind of corruption are also feeling the pain at this difficult time. Saudi is doing strange things now to survive. Let us keep putting pressure on this government to ensure they don’t take us for granted. At the same time, let us understand the real issues and the present economic realities.
God bless Nigeria!

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