Letter To My Unborn Child

My Dear Child,

You cannot understand how elated I am writing this letter to you. In fact, just a few years ago, I could not envisage this happening but you have made this possible through the help of God and I can proudly dip my pen in the ink and write this to you.

We are yet to physically meet but I have been dreaming about you for a very long time. I have also been thinking about you a lot and lately, the frequency has increased. Hence, it is not news that I fell in love with you before I met you.

You are coming into this space at a very auspicious moment. The World has been waiting for you because you are not a product of a broken condom (As a very respected writer said) or an accident but a great gift to me and my sweetheart from the almighty God. We daily bless God for giving us such a beautiful gift and we have promised to be good guardians to you.

I also know that the World you are coming to is different from the one I was born into. Many might be asking why I am trying to feel like Methuselah but I am not. I am just giving a very honest opinion and one that many parents have failed to notice. Technology has advanced, access to information is now very easy. The media is so advanced now and all sorts of distribution for their contents are now available. Music videos can be made in a room and distributed all over the World via U-tube in one day. The Internet now relay contents in a very fast and quick way that was not envisaged a few years ago.

As these technologies evolve, the harms also evolve. I was not exposed to bad contents growing up and even if I wanted to watch bad movies, getting it was very hard. Channel O and MTV were also not available to play music videos filled with almost nude women gyrating to obscene lyrics. So, you see what I mean by this time you are coming into this World.

Don’t get me wrong my darling. A lot of my age mates got exposed to some funny things. They smoked all sorts of things, drank strong liquors and chased girls while we were still very young. So it was not as if the days were saintly then. In fact, your father has God, his parents and the will to have a good future to thank for escaping the abyss.

Stephen Farrah in his wonderful book – finishing strong preached a big message to me at a point in my life and that impacted me so much that I decided to join the small league of those who desire to finish strong. Many have fallen by the wayside due to bad decisions and I can’t count a lot of my primary school mates that are still relevant in the scheme of things now.

So as I was saying, you will be coming into a more challenging world filled with people of greed, selfishness and other vices but still filled with good people. But you have good news. God confirmed how much he loves you before you were conceived and decided to give you to us. We have been praying for you a lot and even though we know that you are not going to be insulated from the World in general, but we know that the almighty through us will guide you to having a fulfilling life.

I do not intend to introduce you to a boring life but a life that is balanced and one which will bless humanity. I guess your father’s friends cannot label him as a boring young man; I love life and I live it well without hurting anyone knowingly. We will be great friends because I have decided in my heart to do that. We will learn a lot of things together as we go on in life.

I will always be truthful to you and ensure you understand my ideologies and help you shape yours. I will not become a grumpy man and one you cannot relate with. We will dream together and brainstorm on all issues. We will discover God together and not impose him on you. You will realize the beauty of his love naturally because of the testimonies inherent in your parents’ lives.

Very early in life, I realized that you would come one day. I know how hard it is for children especially when their parents are not good role models. It affects a child’s social growth. A lot of decisions I made were tilted towards your arrival and I know that the Lord will make you see this. I thank you for being a motivation for this as I do not in any way feel left out of anything. In actual fact; you have made me to achieve a lot of things I might have chased at an older age.

I am also happy that you are coming into this World not just through any means, but together with the woman I love and adore so much. We love you very much and we know that the love will continue to grow together. Your mother is a completion for me as she epitomizes a lot of good things I am not. I know you guys know each other very well now but not to worry – I know you as much in my thoughts and dreams.

I have also assured your mum that your coming would not reduce our love but will strengthen it and she has promised same too. We will all have a good time, I promise you. You are our first child, hence a leader in your own right. I am in that position too and believe me, it is a very important one. The way a family turns out is hugely hinged on the sanity and responsibility of the first born. I know you will not let us down but serve as a role model to your sibling(s).

My darling, I love you so much that thinking of you brings emotions I can’t explain. I look forward to meeting you very soon and I bless the Lord for this opportunity. I know he will help me to be a good father you will always be proud of.

Your dad,


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