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Our part of the World is in no doubt known for a lot of information hoarding and this ensures that important data is lost forever. Somehow, the supposedly successful man thinks he will be in trouble if he brings a younger man up to his level of expertise. The number of ideas, medicinal recipes and knowledge that is lost daily on our continent is just too much and I keep asking myself why we are so economical with information dissemination?

A lot of young Nigerians are roaming the streets looking for lifelines which they are just not about to get. The same streets of Nigeria produces some men and women who change jobs every year or are running very good businesses today. Have you even asked yourself how the latter group were able to break out of the stereotype mindset of the average Nigerian? I become melancholic sometimes when I see people who have lost hope because of the kind of place they come from or because of the many hurts they have suffered and rejections.

The main purpose of this blog is to touch lives positively by providing life-changing information and lessons. The blog will start focusing on extraordinary Nigerians who were not born with silver spoons in their mouth. They have not benefited from huge government contracts neither involved themselves in illegal get rich schemes but are doing very well with a good purpose for their life.

They are women/men of integrity who are rich in mind and spirit. They might not qualify to be called very rich based on the flawed system we operate in; but they are very rich in knowledge and mind and they are not doing badly at all. We will all learn from these individuals because we can relate to their stories from the kind of environments they grew up and their down to earth nature.

They will be providing us with insights into how they started their careers and advise those wishing to tow same lines. We will also be having life/career building articles from various fields spanning Business, Finance, IT, Telecoms, HR, Agriculture etc. Some of them will share their entrepreneurial journey with us in a refreshing and clear way.

The good news about this series is the fact that it will not only show us about careers and business but also teach us about living purposeful lives and the way to go about it. The next stage of this process will be to assign interested readers of this blog to a mentor in his/her desired field. The gains will be many and I am sure lives will be changed forever by this initiative. Our coaches are women/men with very wonderful stories to tell. So you cannot avoid to miss this.

We will be starting the series next week. The call for those interested in having mentors will be made in a few weeks time after we have learned from various professionals. Please pass the message to your cousins, brothers, sisters, friends and everyone interested in moving to the next level with us. You will do them a favour by ensuring this space is known to them.

Welcome to a really wonderful future.

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