Nigerian Police Again!

If there is any group of people I don’t like meeting or having anything to do with – The Nigerian Policemen are on top of the list.
I take extra precautions not to cross their paths because I have witnessed them performing all sorts of atrocities. The Police Force is filled with numerous drop outs with very low IQ (Apologies, but that is the truth). We have un-informed officers with no logical thinking abilities. It is so worrisome that I am afraid to even sit with them ‘cos they can shoot without cause and blame it on accidental discharge.
I once read in the papers that these policemen have their foundation in corruption during training; a survey revealed that they buy their uniforms, pay for lecture materials and even bribe their instructors to graduate! The authorities also go as far as keeping part of the allowance meant for the officers-in-training for themselves and a lot of other unspeakable things regularly occur at the Police Academy.
After this startling revelations, I started understanding reasons for the low-life, non-ethical and unworthy behavior exhibited by most Policemen and I am finding it more difficult daily to trust in their operations. Every sector of the Nigerian State is in disarray and hence we can never isolate the Nigerian Police for blame, but we must speak the truth and start thinking of probable solutions to these eyesores.
Or I can you imagine a a 400 level student of Elect/Elect being arrested for carrying documents! Well, the document he was carrying was a CISCO Certified Network Associate exam prep material by SYBEX. The young man was reading the material in preparation for his IT placement interview and he was arrested for that. The Policeman said that the document has Internetworking written on it, hence he must be involved in Yahoo Yahoo. Now, you can’t blame a dropout for not knowing that Internetworking is not what we browse 🙂 He even asked the guy what Elect/Elect has to do with the Internet.
I cried for Nigeria when I heard about this case and would have taken it seriously if not for the fact that after I spoke with them, they apologised and admitted their mistake.
I even told them that if they are really involved in the fight against Cybercrime like some of us, we all know where to go to – Cybercafes in Ilupeju, Festac Town, e.t.c. The topic of Cybercrime is a passion for me and I think the next series of my writings will address that but I really think that the Nigerian Police Force should purge its service and inject sensible and brilliant young men who could be trained to handle serious cases that requires intelligence. I am sure that BBC will gladly put this story of ignorance on their website to scorn us again and expose our high level of incompetence.
The young man involved in this story is not happy and doubts if he will ever be a truly patriotic Nigerian again; having been embarrassed unjustly, while criminals walk freely on every street in Nigeria. But I have a word for those in the same position – This country na we own, we no get another place and we can only speak out and fight those dragging us back!

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