So Many Waters Passed

My blog is supposed to be the best place where one could follow up on events in my life but this has not been the case. In the beginning of the year I made myself promise to be more consistent with my writing but so much has happened in a little bit of time and I reneged on my word. So my blog and those who come with faith thinking something new is here – – – I apologise.
As I said; a lot has happened since March 12 when I did my last post. If there is anytime I have to be close to this blog, yes it is now cos my loved ones might find it a very good way of catching up with me.
I resigned from my job at Celtel Nigeria last month. Yes it was a very major decision as I had grown to love the company so much and almost found it hard to leave. To some people, I might not want to go and look for my cheese elsewhere. But it was really time to leave as I have in my opinion and in the honest opinion of my bosses done enough and made my mark in the unit God placed me. Looking back to 2005 when I joined the company; I can only thank God for everything he has been doing in my life. He added so much to me in the course of working for the organisation and also made me achieve a lot of firsts while at the company.
Interestingly on my last physical day at the company, there was a Group forum and there I was given an award as one of the achievers of the group. What more could I say but thank Baba God for his mercies and loving kindness. Some people leave companies and they are not even remembered but here little me was honoured even more ironically on my last official working day. My colleagues also surprised me by organising a send forth. I am surprised because they had just about 3 days notice from me as I had to resign with my leave in lieu of notice. Guys you are the best.
Where am I going? Or where am I now? Good questions both, yeah.
Right now I have just joined the leagues of expatriates. When we used to hear that word expatriate in those days; it used to look so evasive but God is a great God and we can claim it now. More details will follow though I can safely say that I am still within Africa. I must do well to always update so I don’t become so detached.
Cheers all …..