Happy Birthday My Baby!

I went through some experiences in the recent past that could have made me change my mind about my believe in the family system. I have always been of the opinion that the problem facing the world now in terms of moral decadence and all other vices is directly linked to the bastardization of the family unit. I then made a conscious decision that when I marry — I will marry my friend, start a great and godly family with her, encourage her and build a very enviable family unit that will be the envy of all and a pointer to the fact that God designed us to be happy.
Some things happened that made me to start thinking otherwise. And then came this beautiful angel (in and out believe me!) She made me to rediscover that side of me that is very romantic and thoughtful (Abi?) and also showed me so much love u will think I have known her all my life. God has indeed being gracious to me. And so with great joy and thankfulness to almighty God – I wish my baby a happy birthday. I am so happy that she is a year older today and that God has been very good to her and us in general.
My prayer is that we will be best friends for the rest of our lives and that no one and nothing shall be able to put us asunder.
Happy Birthday Oyelola.
I love u baby and You are the best!