And the Journey Started!

Growing up exposed me to a lot of experiences especially when it comes to family life and its significance. I grew up in a nuclear family where all we had was each other and not money. I understood the kind of pain that comes when any one of us has issues and the radiance of joy that accompany family triumphs. I remember that as the first born, I had to set a lot of good example for my younger ones morally and educationally. I grew up faster than I normally should because my dad believes that once I get it right, my siblings have no excuses. Hence I get punished when they err and it was not a funny predicament.
This was not to say that a lot of low periods did not come though especially when I look at some stuff my mum had to cope with. I naturally empathize with her more than any other person and I respect her kind of person and the good heart God gave to her. My decision was that when I marry; I will do so with the help of God and ensure I do not cheat my wife … I will love her, cherish her and help her to attain her goals in life. I also covet a great family life with the aim of raising great children who will touch their generation positively and be God lovers right from their birth. I want to be their best friend and guide them in the Lord’s way. I have thus been praying for my wife before I met her and my kids even before getting married.
It is only God who can reward one with the ‘real rib’ and partner. I want to give him all the glory and adoration for letting me be at the right place at the right time. Meeting my fiancee is surely an act of God and I am still amazed at how good he is. Meeting Miss Oyelola Rachael Oyedele has been a very great experience for me. I used to believe I cannot love or be loved the way it is happening to me right now; I have been surprised beyond words.
My baby, I wish to thank you so much for who you are and for loving me the right way. You are the best! Saturday Feb 23 2008 was when my family officially got introduced to her family. So a countdown to the D day starts from now. The D date will be communicated very soon and we covet your prayers.

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