Swindlers or Ritualists?

Elections are close again, assassinations have started and a lot of money is needed to fuel their evil deeds. The average Nigerian has been battered to the level that they can sell their soul and future including their children’s’ future for a pittance. I am not ready to go into that today but something interesting happened to a colleague recently that made me shudder.
She was rushing to the office and out of convention boarded a taxi that already had 3 passengers. I do not really want to go into graphic details but the interesting part is that the driver supposedly found out that one of the passengers (A female) had bales of dollars in her bag sitting inside the boot. The woman confessed that she stole the money from her boyfriend who tried forcing her to sleep with a dog and that the money was charmed. The consensus was that they should find a pastor to bless the money for them before sharing it, the only person oppossing the move and anxious to get out of the taxi was my colleague. They even had the guts to ask her if it was not money she was going to make in her office 🙂
She practically fought her way out of the taxi and I still do not know what to think…….. Are they ritualists or swindlers?
I guess someone can provide us the answer.
Please as a security tip, these are bad times and only God can truly protect us but be careful too. It is not safe to share taxis with people and let’s be more security conscious.
On a lighter note, I have a groove tonight as my office just changed our brand to an international brand….. So we say welcome to our world!

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