Taking Stock

The year has been a very great one filled with all sorts of ups and downs. The political climate has been very interesting, full of intrigues and unfathomable happenings. From Alams, to the unconstitutional removal of Ladoja, the re-instatement of Obi and his removal, ok we should not forget the new ruling in his favour. I remember the Obasanjo/Atiku saga, the scheming of Yar Ardua as the silencer of Atiku and Buhari’s nemesis. I could not help but shake my head remembering the many unreasonable political killings from Ekiti to Lagos and in other places.
The good things are also there – The country got debt cancellation, we saw improvement in the investment atmosphere in the country. And now we can look forward to a great future. I am so sure that this country will have to decide in 2007 if she wants to continue in the retinue of scandals and bad leadership or choose to join the league of developed countries.
Nigeria is very relevant to the emancipation of the African continent and it will be a big shame if we do not realise this potentials. This next year represents a very significant turn in our live as a nation and this time around…… no sitting on the fence, you are either for us or against us.
I have made a decision to work for the greatness of this country. What about you?
I am wishing you a very great year filled with all great things including those you cannot even imagine.

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