Taking the Steps

My first degree was in Mathematics meaning I have a BSc in Mathematics. My dad has always been in support of decisions I take and he has this unwavering belief in me that sometimes scare me. Some of his friends were very angry with him for allowing his brilliant son to study a course that will lead him to be a teacher in future. The same feeling followed me around in Ife as many share the same thoughts. My opinion then was that I will never be poor so if I love to teach then I will be a rich teacher.
The lecturers in our department did not help matters too as they were not helpful in shaping our thoughts. One would expect them to show us how lucky we were to get admitted into a department like Mathematics but they scared us more by giving us statistics of failure rate in the department and that started from our freshers welcome party. Our seniors in the department were worse culprits as they did not bother to dispel the insinuations and neither did they even understand what they could do with their lives outside the University. Such was the kind of department I was and it was a shame because students of the department I wanted to be (Elect/Elect) were holding their heads up anywhere they went.
Sincerely, my plan was to spend one year in Maths and cross. I even did another JAMB just to ensure I don’t remain in the department after one year. But God knows all and by the time I was in 300 Level … I resigned to fate. By this time, we were less than 10 in my class as the failure rates were predicted rightly. Some also changed courses but the majority actually failed and the reasons were not far fetched. Morale were always low and most if the students don’t understand why they had to work hard because of the uncertainty outside. Hence, they channel their energies to finding ways to change or start afresh in another department/university.
In my 300 Level, I made some personal decisions.
1. I will ensure my department becomes attractive and respected.
2. I will become a role model.
3. I will encourage my mates and those coming behind to have a high opinion of themselves
4. I will encourage the use of IT to open up a career option they can easily fit in.
5. in doing all these; I will become a leader and put my life on the track to success.

In my next post. I will discuss how the goals became plans and then realities.

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