www.mysoccertalk.com is here!

The greatest showmanship in the World is here. History has been made! Africa has arrived. The word is KENAKO, and yes the spirit of Ubuntu is already showing itself in EGOLI, the land of gold. Mzansi is hosting the biggest event in the World, the rainbow nation is indeed very colorful. That is why a group of young people are using this auspicious time to introduce you to a new thing to spice your soccer life.

This is introducing www.mysoccertalk.com/forum. This is not exclusively for the World Cup but is there a better time to start such a site than now? The atmosphere is electric and even though we will be focusing on our normal leagues, competitions and the likes; it is an honor to start off with the World Cup about to be kicked off in a matter of hours at the Soccer City in Johannesburg South Africa.

The website has a forum where hot football topics will be debated by lovers of the beautiful game. The kind of topics you will be seeing on this forum are going to be controversial, fun and with a lot of life in them. This is borne out of different mailing lists that have been existing for a long time and a need to consolidate the lists into one. This is also to get like minds into a forum where it is only about soccer.

Expect to meet your match in great football minds and analysis that are sure to blow your minds. We will not be vulgar but I must warn you that it can get cheeky :). The website is also going to be running a blog with articles from talented soccer minds on various hot topics from the past and present. You will also be able to have your say and get your article online to audiences you have never thought of before.

We will have fun together, and that is the least I can promise you. So, what are you waiting for? Go on to www.mysoccertalk.com/forum and register to start kicking balls. Topics are already trending and your thoughts are needed. This is no time to be quiet, when the premiership and other leagues kick off, it will get hotter but yeah it is the World Cup people. Lets do it!

And yes, I must add that the same Soccer City where the World will kick off is located in Soweto. Soweto, the slum where many South Africans paid the supreme price to ensure freedom for their nation. Same Soweto that is so looked down on is now the Chief corner stone. It is the same place that will forever boast of being the first place to host a World Cup match in Africa.

As we welcome the whole World to Mzansi, to South Africa and to Africa. We also welcome you to www.mysoccertalk.com. Please invite your friends and spread the word. We want you to be active, so please feel free to start your own topics.
The main website- www.mysoccertalk.com is still under development. Once it is done, the whole picture will be clearer as we will be having lots of features.
Happy deliberation!

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