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The mission was a noble one. It came at a time when there was a real need to show that Nigerian/African born software developers can be world class if trained in a structured environment. It was about empowerment and a zero to hero concept that

How we built it ………

One great podcast series is “How I built this business”. You are exposed to loads of founders who have gone through interesting experiences building businesses. As expected, most of the businesses are American. I am excited about the companies that are now coming out of

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The death of Logic and Critical Thinking

A few years ago, we woke up to a SMS warning us not to pick calls from certain numbers. The result of picking a call from these numbers is certain death! The unfortunate soul would cough blood and die, according to the SMS. Just after

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Much A Do About a Presidential Youth Lunch/Parley

A lot of tweets and comments have been flying all around concerning the Presidential youth lunch that held yesterday. While some are asking the obvious question of – What Would You Do If Invited? I think we must rise beyond that level and call a

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Attend ‘The Alternative 2.0′ in Lagos

Paradigm Initiative Nigeria and Microsoft Nigeria are proud to announce The Alternative 2.0, the event that highlights the need for young Nigerians to redirect their energy – from cybercrime – towards positive online opportunities. The event is free and open to all, but you must

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Positioning Yourself In 2010

“It is very obvious now that if the skills you use at work are not such that in case of retrenchments, you are laid off and can transfer same to a private enterprise started with minimal investments; then you are on a perilous path and

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My Rooms In Great Ife – Final Sessions ;)

There is a culture in Great Ife to give automatic accommodation to final year students. So, for the first time, I proudly marched to get my allocation. A drama ensued while we were queuing for our names to be announced; a friend of mine and

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After a long time

Strange that I will be posting this after a long period of inactivity on my blog. This is the reply to a mail sent by a friend concerning treating women in a good way – I wrote straight from my mind. Here it goes –

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Long Overdue!

Yes – This first blogging is long overdue! I have been challenged by a number of friends who think that I am more wired not to have my own blog. My answer has always been – TIME. The simple truth is that time will not