Long Overdue!

Yes – This first blogging is long overdue! I have been challenged by a number of friends who think that I am more wired not to have my own blog. My answer has always been – TIME. The simple truth is that time will not really be available but we must do what we have to do. I intend to follow this blog up with my main website and I will do it.
If you ask me what you should look forward to in this blog – Don’t expect ICT stuff alone; actually this is going to be one multi-directional blog. I will write on stuff ranging from my experiences growing up to my school days, friends, family, my sweetheart (who I fondly call Onitemi), football and other sports (apologies to fans of other sports), politics, ICT4D, etc (Have u ever wondered that e.t.c is a popular guy, he is always ending lists – but the truth is that people use it when they run out of ideas!).
Just stay in touch and I will endeavour to keep this a very interesting Blog with a good content evolving rate.
This introduction is getting too long… I intend to keep it as small as possible. I will continue my hayspiration later!
E se, Nagode…..

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