Today proved to be very interesting – from my normal office duties to ad-hoc duties, personal grooming to nation building. The most interesting part of it happened at the Lagos Digital Village in Ebutte-Metta.
The ICT4ALL project is an initiative of the LDV and PIN with support from Heinrich Bohl Foundation. The project is aimed at equiping underserved young people with information neccessary to fit into the Information Age. The audience was a very interesting one, coming from schools in Ebutte-Metta and Ajegunle. This is the first in a series of seminars and a laudable one at that considering the fact that most public schools don’t have access to the kind of exposure and information they got today.
Seun Olajide was on hand to expose the Jinn inside the Computer to the students in an interesting session.
I gave a presentation titled – “No Change Without You” in order to re-iterate the fact that young people hold the key to the development of our nation. It was an interesting session and the hope is that they will never remain the same again for life. I also gave an insight into the harms caused by Cybercrime to the socio-economic life of a country.
‘Gbenga Sesan talked about the need for ICT clubs in their respective schools, while also linking it to the vision of the Nigerian Youth ICT4D Network (NYIN).
In the next few weeks, I will like to share some of the writings I have done on diverse fields in a series.
Nigeria will change for the better!

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