A leader’s biggest job is communication.

A leader’s biggest job is communication.
Communication in good times. Telling people how great they are doing and spurring them on to greatness.
A great leader also knows how to steady the ship in times of chaos. S/He is able to calm things down and even when things are tough – gets them to hope and keep working. A great leader also has the ability to pass on criticism in a way that does not break the people.

I have used Winston Churchill’s example in the past. Read about this man and how he led in the most uncertain and dark period of the World War 2. His biggest strength was not his undoubted strategic mind but the way he comforted the nation and led a small Island country to victory against a sophisticated enemy. What an orator. What a man! His speeches are studied in ivory towers of learning till date. They are subjects of many intellectual documentaries and big screen movies.

Obama must have studied a lot about Winston. The grace, the eloquence and fierce loyalty to the American people and dream. Even when it seemed bleak for the nation, the message was always “God Bless America”. It was always that America is the best nation in the world. Even after a mass shooting in schools. Yes, the media of other countries can bad mouth America. American media can do the same. But the President would always pass the message across that a part of the body being mad doesn’t make the whole body mad.

In fact an American citizen can blog and tweet that America is shitty. But it is the work of the President to channel the narrative in a positive way. Britain was being pounded by the Germans and their allies. But Winston knew he would win and rebuild. Not every British believed. But that didn’t deter Winston.

I am sure you are expecting me to mention certain events in our climes. No need. The message is clear.
God bless Nigeria. And Nigerians.

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