Play Your Own Game

I was in Church one day and the praise team led us in a true session of worship. When the praise eventually started, I enjoyed myself and was swaying to the beat (I love dancing so much). Meanwhile, a corner of my eye caught a young man doing his thing. It was not as if he was the best dancer, but what beat me was his energy and the carefree way he was showing appreciation to baba loke.
This affected my own dancing and I started watching him and got lost with it. After about 2 minutes, I woke up and analysed the whole show; looking at another man deprived me of prasing my God. This is what happens to a lot of us in the real world. We look at other people’s life and forget to play our own game, our own way. The Yorubas said it all when they say “O nfi aago alaago sa ere” which means he uses another man’s watch in his own earthly race.
Our performances are tied to how far we can concentrate on issues on ground. This is important and many failures are attributed to it. It is good and important to follow good examples and learn from them but one must be careful not to take it to the level of total distractions.
A footballer will never reach the pinnacle of his career if he does not play his own game, this is also true of other games including the very complex game of life.
So if I may say it in a simple laguage – Please play your own game!

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