A man’s gifts

Many times I have asked myself the difference between successful men and the perceived failures of this world. Another contentious point – how do we measure success? I am sure it is not that far fetched without going into unnecessary rhetoric; successful men are those who made positive impacts in their world, changing lives and ensuring that the dignity of human existence is maintained.
Now, from my little observations, I can see that successful men utilize their gifting to the maximum. I remember a poem that circulated round the Internet sometimes back about a golf ball in Tiger Woods hand that is worth Millions of dollars and another man’s hand – nothing. It goes on and on like that. We will all discover our callings and how to apply them to change lives and bring a difference into our world.
I know my gifts and I am still discovering new ones daily with a mindset aimed at maximizing my potentials. I promise not to rest until I am assured of a high level of competence in whatever I do. The development of this nation and continent at large is dependent on individuals who are ready to burn the midnight oil and damn the consequences of being diligent; those who will stoop to conquer, who will suffer now and reap the gain tomorrow.
And for those who think that only some set of people have these gifting in them; that is a big lie as God has deposited in all of us unique abilities that will take us to the next level. Discover, achieve, maximize your potentials!
We will succeed!

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