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Dear African Presidents

Dear African Presidents, I hope you are well? If so, doxology. The purpose of my scintillating letter is to inform you that Trump is now President of the United States, in case you are suppressing the use of the Internet like Ethiopia and some other

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Jega’s Pronouncement

On this day in 2015, after marathon vigil and vigilance, I rejoiced as GEJ’s era ended. I have absolutely no regrets for supporting the movement that ousted an uninspiring, weak and corrupt government. Human beings have an attribute that can both be positive and negative.

African Mobile Industry Trends and Forces

The mobile communication industry in Africa can be rightly described as a great enabler of the shift in the African story to the positive. Countries such as Nigeria had no solid Telecommunication service before the introduction of GSM in 2001. The story is similar in

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This is not just Xenophobia!

I am a student of Systems Thinking. When a problem or challenge happens, my first instinct is not to look at the problem itself but dig deeper to understand the root cause. Using that route in problem solving ensures that you do not waste your

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The ‘Beatification’ of Saint Jonathan

I am congratulating Nigeria, Africa and the world at large on the successful election that was supposed to turn very violent. It is a proud moment for all Africans and not just Nigerians. We have proved that it is possible for Africans to conduct elections

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The time is here!

I am proudly Nigerian! I have been a member of the Nigerian diaspora community since 2008. I left Nigeria in the way and manner that brings glory to a country. My services were required by a South African company and I served as a Consultant

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I am Ayo Oladejo

Ayobami Oladejo has been known to promote the use of ICT as a veritable tool for development right from his University days as the president of the departmental society. He bought his association’s first computer system and became the first departmental society in his University